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Best Places To Explore With Your UTV Fall 2019

As the seasons are changing all around the globe, the UTV fans are looking for new places to explore and for the right aftermarket parts & accessories to make the trip memorable. The upcoming fall will bring out the beauty in places like Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, and other states as well. So, if you have Polaris RZR, Can-Am Maverick X3,  Honda Talon or any other SxS and you are ready to go off-roading this fall then we have some recommendations for you. 

Who doesn’t love an adventurous trip? The beauty of the places on our list will leave you speechless and adrenaline jacked. So, if you are ready to have one of the best off-roading UTV trips of your life, then try one of these places. 


1: WindRock Park, Oliver Springs, Southeast Tennessee:

CATechUSA WindRock Park UTV TrailsIf you want to have the best off-road trails in the southeast corner of Tennessee, then WindRock Park is the perfect place. Spread over 73,000 acres in the city of Oliver Springs, this place is all about adventure. If you’re into other extreme sports, every year Windrock Park also hosts the Windrock Enduro, a national off-road mountain bike event and a stop on the Southeast Triple Crown Series.

With your UTV or OHV, you can go on trails which are easy, moderate, difficult, and extremely difficult. Even if you don’t own a UTV, you can find one on rent and have fun in the place. Even the visitors admit that August to October is the best time to visit this place. The beauty of this city and the fun activities will make your trip worthwhile.  Must have accessory for this trip, Front and Rear Limit Strap System for your Can-Am UTV.  This limiting system helps keep the suspension from bottoming out and creating undue stress or even catastrophic failure of one of your UTVs most important systems. Keep your ride safe and going strong at WindRock Park.  More information at


2: Beasley Knob OHV Trail System, Blairsville, North Georgia:

CATechUSA Beasley Knob TrailThis is one of the most challenging train systems located in the United States. So, you might need High Clearance Radius Rods and a billet pull plate for those “whoops” moments.  There are a number of manufacturers of parts for your Polaris, Honda or Can-am UTV, but we prefer CA Technologies USA because of the attention to quality and a lifetime guarantee on all their products.  We like knowing that our trip will be safe no matter how hard the challenges are. 

The trail system is located two miles from the town of Blairsville and it has two trailheads. For all the UTV and OHV enthusiasts, this system provides an approximate 10.6 miles of recreational fun. From interconnecting dirt trails, rocky hill climbs, to gravel roads, you will get to experience the real wild terrain. Along with all this, Blairsville also has seasonal programs that visitors love to attend. So, you will have much more to do in this beautiful place. More information at


3: Busco Beach ATV Park – Goldsboro, North Carolina:

Beach? not like you’re thinking.  This place is a mecca for UTV and OHV trail CATechUSA Busco Beach UTV Parkactivities and a thrill seekers dream. The place is amazing for UTVs as well as off-road vehicles like dirt-bikes, quad-bikes, and much more with over 1800 acres of riding trails, drag races, motocross tracks, mud holes, pits, ponds and sever lakes.  Plenty of camping is available at this year round destination including RV 30 amp to 50 amp power & water hook-ups.  

Apart from the motorized activities, Goldsboro offers many other attractions.  Wayne County Paddle Trails offers over 70 miles of waterways from the Neuse River to the twisting tributaries meandering through Wayne County.  Civil War Buff? There are numerous things to see including where Sherman’s Army marched on it’s way to Savannah. Must have for this trip is installing an UTV Bluetooth Audio System in your UTV to keep the party going in the dirt or just spectating at the beach.  For more information 


4: Black Mountain Off-Road Adventure Area – Evarts, Kentucky:

CATechUSA Black Mountain UTV TrailIf you want to stay on the ground and ride your UTV on over 150 miles of easy, moderate, and extremely tough trails, then Evarts is the right place for you. The Black Mountain is a very famous spot for the riders. This rugged mountain offers a variety of experience and levels of difficulty. And the good thing is that you can bring your UTV, ATV, dirt bikes, trucks, or any other sports vehicle you own. If not, then you can always rent one from this place. 

The thing about the mountains is that you can’t trust the weather there. So, if you want to make sure that your ride goes without a hitch, even if the sun is setting in the mountains, make sure you’ve installed Sector Seven Spectrum Lighted Mirrors in your UTV. These mirrors will allow you to see clearly and with a wider field of view at night. This accessory will certainly make your ride safer and more enjoyable on those night rides.  For more information 


5: Stone Mountain – Pennington, Virginia:

CATechUSA Stone Mountain UTV TrailsOne of the main trail destinations of Virginia's Spearhead Trails System is Stone Mountain, located outside Pennington Gap, VA.  This trail is considered to be “technical” with “Blue and Black” rated system designed to thrill intermediate off-roaders and their families as well as present extreme challenges for those hard core operators.  

Annual Permits are required for this state run trail system, but it’s worth the price of admission for the fun you’ll have.  Stone Mountain offers 33 trails over 500 acres with multiple overlook views. Some of the views have facilities for outdoor dining and picnicking.  The views are breathtaking and the trip is worth the trek to get there. Must have accessory for this trip is the Honda Talon Gear Selector Shift Gate.  This little ingenious product will help you keep your UTV under control and front wheels down. It’s almost a speed shifter for finding the gears you need in a hurry. More information at 


UTV Aftermarket Parts & Accessories You Need The Most!!

You might never have realized that when you go on a UTV adventure, your vehicle demands more power. And you need to store that power somewhere. And that’s where another essential accessory for your Honda Talon UTV needs to be under the hood. It is the Under-Hood Auxiliary Battery Tray which securely holds the extra power source for your machines accessories. It is specially designed for rigidity and long-lasting service. So, the next time when you are thinking of making an off-roading vacation, take a trip to CA Tech USA ( first. 

CA Technologies focuses on improving the fun and safety of your UTV experience. They can provide you with replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for your Polaris RZR, Can-Am X3, Can-am Maverick, or Honda Talon. So, if you are ready to upgrade to your Side-by-Side and make it better, and the adventure last longer, contact CA Technologies USA. From your safety to entertainment, they provide the tuff to your off-road adventure. 


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