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2018-2019 CAN-AM X3 Evo ECU Programming

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    **NOTE*** Please include your return address, what stage tune you desire along with any supporting modifications you have. All ECUs will need to be shipped in to us and returned to you after flashing is completed. Please call with questions.
    Tune your X3 with Evo powersports reflash tunes to get maximum performance out of your machine whether its bone stock and you want a little more juice or you want a full blown race ready tune with the supporting modifications.
    Call to place order with which tune you want, We'll Supply a shipping address,you ship us your ECU and we'll tune it the day it comes in and ship it back out by the following business day.
    • Speed limits raised / TQ limits removed in Low Gear
    • Now Low Gear revs to 8600 (9000 upon request)
    • Speed / TQ limits removed in High Gear
    • Now High Gear revs to 8600 (9000 upon request)
    • Engine Speed TQ Limiters removed (“Shaft Saver delete”)
    • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved) – Linear throttle rather than the lazy pedal the factory has programmed
    • 100% throttle in all Modes
    • Fans set to activate at 165 degrees
    • Race Start – No need to press the brake to start vehicle
    • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed

    Stage 1 – 16 lbs of boost for stock exhaust – 91 Octane
    Stage 2R -- 17 lbs of boost for stock muffler with Race Bypass – 91 Octane
    Stage 3R – 17 lbs of boost for full exhaust – 91 Octane                                Stage 3R-93 -- 18 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- 93 octane                                    Stage 3Ri -- 17.5 lbs of boostfor full exhaust -- 91 octane                                      Stage 3RWi -- 18 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- 93 octane                                    Stage 4RWi -- 20 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- 95 octane                                    Stage 4RWi-MM -- "Vmap" Multi Map 20 lbs of boost on Sport mode and 15 lbs     of boost on Eco mode for full exhaust -- 95/91 octane                                        Stage 4RWi-X100 -- 22 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- 100 octane                        Stage 5RWi -- 20 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- E85                                            Stage 5RWi-X85 -- 22 lbs of boost for full exhaust -- E85                                                                                                                                                                     "R" designation = the turbo wastegate crack pressure must be adjusted for higher boost                                                                                                             "W" designation = a replacement wastegate actuator is included with the tune     "i" designation = big injector tune and includes flow matched injectors                 "X" designation = EXTREME power and is the maximum that can be achieved with the stock turbocharger

    Prices Increase With Each Tune Stage.

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