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Honda Talon Dual Battery Isolator - True Talon-SBI-CM

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  • Description

    The True® Smart Honda Talon Dual Battery Isolator was designed with maximum efficiency in mind. This ground-breaking isolator features P.E.P. a one-of-a-kind charging and voltage management technology that does all the thinking for you, making this product a True®  plug n play design with the DIY crowd  in mind.

    Adding an addition battery means you are going to have to secure it with a try.

    Check out our Honda Talon Battery Trays HERE.


    • Latest model of UTV-SBI-18 with 3M Dual Lock™ and insulators
    • 6mm (1/4′′) lugs on single, 12 inches #6 red (primary) cable
    • Includes NEW 36mm single meter dual display with blue LED lighting
    • 8ft blue duplex wire with connectors for meter
    • On/off relay with socket and pigtail harness

    The True® 12V Honda Talon UTV Battery Isolator now comes with a dual-display voltage gauge. The new voltage meter has the same diameter as the old model, but it has a thread depth of a little over one inch, requiring a little more space behind the surface but allowing it to be installed in considerably thicker material. It’s a 36mm waterproof, shockproof digital LED voltmeter, just like the original meters, that lets you keep track of your charge status on each battery in real-time.

    The innovative Honda Talon Battery Isolator's ease of installation, as well as the ability to “piggy-back” off the carrier’s main battery without ignition “tapping,” ensures that the original wiring will not be compromised.

    DISCLAIMER:  This Battery Isolator only comes with the wiring to add the isolator itself to your positive battery cable.  You will be required to provide your own battery and battery cables. 

    Honda Talon Second Battery Isolator's Features

    • Fast and easy Installation 
    • No complicated ignition wiring
    • Fully automatic connection and isolation
    • Product comes with full 1 year warranty
    • Plug-in port for remote monitoring
    • Protection from short-circuiting
    • Protection from battery removal and damage
    • Low loss solenoid
    • Protection from overloading of the alternator
    • Simple installation on any model Honda Talon Side by Side (SxS) (UTV)
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