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Can-Am X3 Rear Double Shear Bulk Head

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  • Description

    Battle born from the most grueling one day offroad race in Johnson Valley California we bring you our double shear rear bulkhead for the Can-Am X3. 

    This set up is purpose created to address several issues with the X3 chassis and no one has done it better than we do! We set out with three major goals in mind. Correct rigidity loss, remove frame deflection, and aid in departure angle. We accomplished every one of those goals with great success. 

    Created from 11 gauge HSLA steel these parts are cut and precision bent in house for one tough set up! Our kit comes as a multi piece kit that welds to the OEM frame and stiffens the entire rear bulkhead. Our interlocking design has pieces tabbed into each other creating a fully weld in double shear rear kit. The lower weld in plate is then bent into a singular piece that wraps under the rear end of the car. While attaching this plate under the bottom of the car we are also able to remove 3 full inches of tubing in the lower rear section that is known to crush. We then gusset the horizontal and vertical tube together in the lower corners under the axle boots for the ultimate tie in for rigidity. We then cap the entire kit with an interlocking rear plate which makes this entire kit a truly double shear system for all of your radius rods and is integrated directly into your OEM frame. 

    Bolt holes feature tear drop weld in plates to add surface area for bolts to pass through reducing the potential for hole elongation. This kit also includes an entire upper weld in section that tie into the most rearward tube of the frame and also features a machined aluminum pull/tie down spot. Access to the transmission drain plug is not limited by this kit and there are provisions to accept bolts to fasten in race plates as well. This kit does not work with the OEM stud plates.  We recommend using one of our CA-008 race plate kits.

    This is a full weld in kit that requires extensive fabrication. This kit is NOT a direct bolt in and will not in any way work without welding together. We highly recommend tig welding this set up to produce the best and strongest product available. 

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