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Lifetime Warranty

What does a "Lifetime Warranty" mean to you?  To us it means for as long as you own the part we put our hard work and know how into, we bet you can't break it. And if you do, we'll replace it.  No Questions Asked.

Let me break it down real nice and easy like.


/līf/ noun - amount of time something serves a useful purpose.  


/tīm/ noun - the continuation of existence and events for all things.


/wôr/ noun - state of competition, conflict or hostility between different groups.


/rant/ verb - speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way.


/wī/ noun - the twenty-fifth letter of the alphabet.


What it means to us is for the amount of time our parts are useful to you along with the continuation of the existence of the vehicle in-which you installed the parts, even if used in a state of hostile competition we guarantee it will function as intended or CA Tech USA will replace that downright unworthy part at no charge to you. Why? Because we don't want to hear you rant, rave or bitch about it.