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CATechUSA (CA Technologies USA, LLC) is a Tennessee Limited Liability Company owned and operated by Eric and Whitney Ballard.  

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Up before the chickens every morning and designated light turner-offer every night,  Eric is a millennial only in age.  He has an internal need to craft and build the absolute best product he can dream up.  Eric is one heck of a driver, even if his claim to fame is being a crash test dummy.  His drive to create a quality product with unparalleled customer service from a company who's culture is all about UTVs.  

"I can't believe I get to wake up every morning and do this for a living!"


If you're going to put up with a man with a dream, you'd better be pretty darn strong.  Whitney is that and more.  She keeps the business side of the business running while the others have fun and play with their expensive machines!

Partner, Wife, Mom, Shipping, Customer Service, Returns, Accounting.... We know who's running this popsicle stand.


CATechUSA's resident sales and marketing guru.  If it has to do with UTVs, SXS  or whatever you call your off-road vehicle of choice, Josh has built it, installed it, sold it or crashed it. #senditnowjosh


Trying to think of something witty to say....


Could be a superhero in another life....

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