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Can-Am X3 Heavy Duty 300M Ball Joints

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    The new and improved CA Tech Can-Am X3 Ball Joint 2.0 is here! We are always testing and fine tuning our parts by running them in actual races insuring the most rigorous conditions. We never settle for ordinary. That’s why we always strive to make our parts the most durable to virtually indestructible! This gives our customers piece of mind that they will make it back from the wildest trail ride or that their machine is not going to let them down.

    Improvements made:

    • Larger stem to further insure the ball joint’s durability
    • Added lip to the stem to prevent the ball joint boot from falling
    • More travel now allows for more flexibility in steering when the tire is at a steep angle from the frame
    • More rotation ability and more articulation in the joint ensures a lower to zero chance of the joints ever binding

    Features include:

    • Super strong Full 300M
    • Unique adjustment features
    • Unique greasing features that ensure long wear
    • State of the art Nitride treating for wear resistance and anti-friction
    • Sold as a complete set of 4

    These joints have been rigorously tested, beat, and pushed well beyond what most would call normal or even heavy-duty use. These ball joints have been used in several UTV platforms running various race series and have performed very well under pressure. 

    Our ball joints are composed of 7 separate parts put together to form one unit. Those parts are as follows

    • Boot: Used for keeping contaminants out of the indie of the joint itself.
    • Stem: The main component in the ball joint where all the pressure is transferred to which connects to the knuckle.
    • Body: The component that holds the stem in place
    • Wear Plate: A small convex disc that is used as the wearable item just under the stem. It is used to transfer torque from the adjustment nut to the stem.
    • Adjustment nut: This is the item you will adjust as the unit wears to maintain a tight ball joint. The adjustment nut threads into the main body and is used to maintain pressure on the wear plate so that the joint stays tight.
    • Locking Cap: The locking cap is responsible for holding the ball joint assembly into the control arm itself. 
    • Adjustment Nut Jamb Bolt: This component is used to jamb the adjustment nut into place. Once desired tension is set on the stem via the adjustment nut, this jamb bolt is used to hold the adjustment nut and wear plate in place.

    The most unique and proprietary part of our ball joints is the way in which we deliver grease to the stem itself. Through all 4 components which make up the inside of the ball joint there is a hole that is drilled allowing grease to be inserted into the flush mount grease fitting in the adjustment nut jamb bolt and pass all the way to the ball joint stem. In the stem, there is a cross drilled hole that allows grease to exit the side of the stem and grease the stem all the way around via a grease groove around the outside. Once grease is on the outside of the stem, we have a unique spiral groove that when the ball joint is pivoted it then carries the grease to the upper most portion of the ball joint. This ensures that the entire stem is greased to keep wear down and even more importantly keep water and other contaminants out.

    Every component in our ball joint was designed and machined in house from U.S. made 4140 chromoly. After all components have been checked they then proceed on to receive a very high quality and durable Liquid Nitride Treating. This treating is used to further harden the material and give it another layer of protection as an anti-friction coating and as a case hardening treatment as well. This coating is applied by one of the country’s top nitride coating facilities whose treatment process has been handpicked from companies like Glock, Sig Sauer, Barret, along with countless NASCAR race teams and aerospace industry leaders. Needless to say, when we selected a coating for our joints, we wanted the best of the best.


    All joints are protected with our FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY against workmanship defects AND damages including broken items. Every component is also available for purchase separately so that you can service the ball joints if you ever wear them out. 


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