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Honda Talon Dual Battery Kit - True Talon-SBI-CM

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    The True® Smart Honda Talon dual battery kit was designed with maximum efficiency in mind. This ground-breaking isolator features P.E.P. a one-of-a-kind charging and voltage management technology that does all the thinking for you, making this product a True®  plug n play design with the DIY crowd  in mind.

    Adding an addition battery means you are going to have to secure it with a try.

    Check out our Honda Talon Battery Trays HERE.

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    • Latest model of UTV-SBI-18 with 3M Dual Lock™ and insulators
    • 6mm (1/4′′) lugs on single, 12 inches #6 red (primary) cable
    • Includes NEW 36mm single meter dual display with blue LED lighting
    • 8ft blue duplex wire with connectors for meter
    • On/off relay with socket and pigtail harness

    The True® 12V Honda Talon UTV dual battery kit now comes with a dual-display voltage gauge. The new voltage meter has the same diameter as the old model, but it has a thread depth of a little over one inch, requiring a little more space behind the surface but allowing it to be installed in considerably thicker material. It’s a 36mm waterproof, shockproof digital LED voltmeter, just like the original meters, that lets you keep track of your charge status on each battery in real-time.

    The innovative Honda Talon dual battery kit’s ease of installation, as well as the ability to “piggy-back” off the carrier’s main battery without ignition “tapping,” ensures that the original wiring will not be compromised.

    Honda Talon Second Battery Kit’s Features

    • Fast and easy Installation 
    • No complicated ignition wiring
    • Fully automatic connection and isolation
    • Product comes with full 1 year warranty
    • Plug-in port for remote monitoring
    • Protection from short-circuiting
    • Protection from battery removal and damage
    • Low loss solenoid
    • Protection from overloading of the alternator
    • Simple installation on any model Honda Talon Side by Side (SxS) (UTV)
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