Conquer King of the Hammers with CA Tech: Your Ultimate Off-Road Guide

We’re fast approaching the time when the desert horizon stretches wide, waiting to welcome a legion of off-road enthusiasts, ready to take on one of the most intense races known to the side-by-side community, King of the Hammers (KOH) — an event that has ascended to legendary status in the world of extreme motorsport. Set against the unforgiving backdrop of Johnson Valley, California, KOH offers a unique blend of high-speed desert racing and precision rock crawling. For those prepared to face this challenge, CA Tech stands ready to ensure your vehicle is not just competitive but dominant with top-of-the-line upgrades.

KOH isn’t just a race; it's an off-road odyssey demanding both driver and vehicle to be at their peak. It's about steering through unpredictable terrain, scaling rocks, and surging across vast stretches of desert. Your SxS needs to be more than just robust; it needs the precision and durability that CA Tech's upgrades provide.

Gear Up with CA Tech: Performance Upgrades for the Win

When it's time to throw down on the trail, every component of your side-by-side should be built to handle the pressure. Here are the essential, heavy-duty, precision-engineered CA Tech upgrades to optimize your vehicle for peak performance:

  1. The Can-Am X3 Front Bulkhead:

Redefine durability with the CA Tech Can-Am X3 Front Bulkhead, crafted from 3/16" and 11 Gauge Steel. Born from our rigorous race testing and performance research, this bulkhead is a heavy-duty beast designed to withstand severe impacts and continuous stress. With improved bracing and a ridged design, it significantly strengthens the front end of your vehicle, ensuring it's battle-ready for the harsh terrains of Johnson Valley.

  1. Control Arms (Upper + Lower):

Elevate your vehicle's stability and handling with our control arms, laser-cut from HSLA steel and CNC bent for unmatched quality and precision. Designed to address and solve common weaknesses of OEM arms, these components not only boost durability but also enhance the bushing life by increasing the mounting size by 25%. TIVAR® bushings ensure a high resistance to wear and a longevity that outmatches standard options.

  1. High Clearance Radius Rods:

Navigate the rocks and rough terrain with confidence using our high clearance rods, the thickest on the market, ensuring strength and dependability. Crafted with a focus on both performance and affordability, these rods feature industry-leading FK Brand Spherical bearings for superior durability. Fully covered by a no-hassle, no BS Lifetime warranty, these rods are a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

  1. Ball Joints - Full 300M:

Our ball joints are engineered for extreme performance with unique adjustment and greasing features. Treated with state-of-the-art Nitride for wear resistance and reduced friction, these components are rigorously tested to withstand the harshest conditions. Sold in sets of uppers and lowers, they come with a full lifetime warranty, ensuring your vehicle's pivot points are always in prime condition.

  1. Trailing Arms:

Designed to absorb all the abuse the terrain can dish out, our trailing arms achieve maximum ground clearance and strength. With key features like 1/4" HSLA steel base plate and 11 gauge HSLA top cap, these arms retain all OEM geometry while adding the significant clearance and strength you’ll need to cut through the KOH course.

  1. Tie Rods:

Upgrade your SxS’s weak points with our heavy-duty tie rods, machined from the same Billet aircraft-grade hex aluminum as our radius rods. A solid 4140 Chromoly connection point on the knuckle side replaces the factory taper bushing, offering a robust solution for extreme riders.

  1. Sway Bar Links:

Say goodbye to the noisy and often breakable factory links with our solid 6061 Aluminum billet sway bar links. Standard with FK brand COM10 bearings, they offer superior strength and longevity while eliminating noise, rounding off your vehicle's performance enhancements with a focus on both durability and comfort.

Ready for the Challenge?

KOH is not for the weak- it's a grueling test of skill, machinery, and strategy that pushes even the most accomplished racers to the limit and while the desert does not discriminate, it often favors the well-prepared. With CA Tech's 100% American-made, trail tested, high-quality, suspension components and upgrades, you'll be ready for whatever lies ahead. With CA Tech, you're not just driving; you're dominating. So gear up, get set, and let's conquer the desert!

For more information on how CA Tech can elevate your KOH experience, reach out to us at 423-790-0230 or Let's turn challenges into triumphs together.

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