Honda Talon: Almost Perfect from the Dealer, Practically Untouchable with CA Tech’s Help

As the new kid on the block, Honda Talon side by sides have picked up a lot of attention in the last few years.  It can be tough to know which one is right for you, with all of the models that are out there. The good news is that here at CA Tech, we’ve played with all of them, and we know the ins and out of each.  They’re all great rigs, but they might not all meet your needs when it comes time to hit the trail.  We’ll spell it all out for you and give you our top mods for the Talon line up, so you can hit the dirt (or the sand) with confidence, ready for what the trail has to offer.

The most common models that you’ll see on the market as of the 2023 are variants of the Honda Talon 1000 - there’s the R, the X, and X-4 with each model having the option to upgrade to FOX Live Valve Shocks.  So then, what’s the difference? Let’s dive into it. 

Starting with the Talon 1000R, with this model you’ll be set up to take on the wide open desert, dry lake beds, or tear up a pasture (provided you own it or got permission - we aren’t responsible for any wild decisions y'all might be making).  That being said, running at high speeds and in open spaces is what the Honda Talon 1000R was made to do.  It’s got a wider track width and can capably handle (reasonably) rough terrain at those higher speeds.  The Talon 1000X, on the other hand, is better for tight trails and steep climbs - it’s designed for maximum maneuverability and offers incredibly precise handling.  With its narrow track width, tough trails are not a problem. 

The Honda Talon 1000X-4 brings all the X capabilities to the table, but it does have a slightly longer wheelbase, and seats a total of 4 riders.  With any of these models, you can also upgrade to the FOX live valve suspension system.  For some extra coin, your suspension will automatically read how much dampening you’re using every 5 milliseconds, making fine tuning adjustments along the way.  When we say, “it can handle whatever you throw at it,” what we really mean is, “it’s going to calibrate every step of the way and adjust the system accordingly.”  It’s pretty incredible tech.  You might be thinking, “how do you improve on an already great suspension system?” We’re so glad you asked.  

 Just because something is good, doesn’t mean it can’t be better - here’s a few of our favorite upgrades for the Honda Talon, no matter which model you land on.


Upper and Lower Control Arms


When you’re tearing up the trails, your factory control arms can take a pretty good beating.  We’ve found all the weak points, and fixed them with our Upper and Lower Control Arms.  Using USA made steel that is laser cut and CNC bent in-house, we’ve ensured that strength and durability concerns can be left in the past.  They’ve got pre-installed bushings to help make installation easy, and those bushings are 25% larger than stock so you can trust them to last a really long time.


High Clearance Radius Arms


Even the most cautious riders will eventually have some alignment issues - and let’s be real - who wouldn’t want to limit how often it’s a problem?  Whether it’s too much airtime, or catching a rock around a tight corner - when you knock out your rig’s alignment, you’ll be looking for some more serious answers to keep things straight. Our recommendation? Check out the High Clearance Radius Rods from CA Tech.  Being the largest rods on the market, their size gives additional strength and stability so you won’t wind up fighting to control the steering wheel, dealing with unnecessary breakage, or the extra wear on other components that smaller rods can often cause.  With a lifetime warranty and American-made quality, you can trust that the first time you upgrade is the last time you’ll need to mess with your Talon’s radius rods.


Pull Plates


 When you’re spending time on the trails, getting stuck is half the fun.  Staying stuck on the other hand?  That’s a real stick in the mud.  We’ve got a solution that will get you unstuck and back to the good times.  The Honda Talon Pull Plate from CA Tech can help save you from the sticky stuff, whether you got there intentionally or not.  Why upgrade to our pull plate when they come from the factory with a tow point? Unfortunately, the factory tow point is weak, and it’s a pain in the rear to access and use. The last thing anyone wants is more frustration when you’re bogged down in the woods. Our pull plate offers better-than-factory fitment, and can be color matched to almost any color to fit the look of your rig.  

Use it to securely tie your Talon down on a trailer, or to yank a buddy out, either way you’ll quickly see the benefits of adding one to your set-up. Did we mention it has our lifetime warranty and like everything else we make? - It’s super straightforward.  If you break it, call us.  You could just send us an email, but we’re going to want to hear the story of how you managed to break the thing.  In the end, we just like trail stories -but we’ll get you a new one right away.


Shift Gate


 With the CA Tech Gear Selector Shift Gate, you can expect full shifting ability without ever taking your eyes off the trail ahead.  It’s got an easy to use gated shift between reverse and forward, with one section for forward to reverse in “low” and one section for forward to reverse in “high.”  You can trust its strength and durability since it’s made from aircraft grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and it’s easy to install as it comes with all the hardware you need and doesn’t take any cutting or extra modification. Honestly, our shift gate might be your favorite upgrade on the list.

 Suspension Package

 If you’re the kind of rider who’s ready to just hit the ground running - we’ve got you covered with the Honda Talon R Full Suspension Package.  In that package, we’ve got your upper and lower control arms, high clearance radius rods, a pull plate, a shift plate, rear sway bar links, and tie rods.  We can pretty much guarantee that once you get into the upgrades from CA Tech, you’ll be upgrading every part we support anyway.  Weak points?  Never heard of ‘em.

 No matter what model Honda Talon you decide is right for your adventures, we’ve got real ways to make it better. Keeping your rig functional and looking great when you’re out on the trails shouldn’t get in the way of a good time. With the American-made reliability from CA Tech, you and your Honda Talon can get you what you need to push the limits. If you’re looking for advice, need help with an install, or just don’t know what parts you might want to check out next, CA Tech has the experts on hand ready to help. Give us a call at 423-790-0230 or shoot us an email at - we got you!


  • I have your 2021 talon 1000r rear radius rods. But I just bent the upper control are that goes up along side the shock. Do you guys make that one? Thanks cell 330-233-0150

    Clifford Scott
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