In Case You Missed it- Products Released in 2023

Excitement builds up in the off-road community as CA Tech, with its continued commitment to elevate the off-road adventures, unveil their impressive lineup of products released in 2023. These aren't just products, but our commitment towards excellence and our engineering dedication to provide you with the best and to elevate your off-road adventures.

Let's delve into the details of each product, listed and described on CA Tech's website, promising to reshape the way you experience off-roading.

1.  PRO R / Turbo R Trailing Arms and Control Arms

Constructed with an impressive blend of 11-gauge and 3/16" steel, CA Tech’s PRO R / Turbo R Trailing Arms and Control Arms are crafted with precision and durability in mind. These arms are curated to help you conquer the toughest off-road terrains and to provide you control for the next thrilling adventure. Made from high-grade materials, these arms provide the structural integrity required on challenging terrains. The PRO R / Turbo R Trailing Arms ensure optimal suspension articulation. This leads to improved traction, better handling, and a smoother ride, allowing you to conquer unpredictable trails with confidence.

2.  PRO R / Turbo R Packout Racks

CA Tech's PRO R / Turbo R Packout Racks is where storage meets innovation. These are not just additions or a storage solution but are meticulously designed to redefine how you carry your gear on your PRO R or TURBO R. They are built to withstand landscapes, or through difficult trails. Our engineers have designed these to make them your reliable companion so you can carry your essentials with confidence and grace.

3.  PRO R / Turbo R Bumper

CA Tech has also introduced the PRO R / Turbo R Bumper which is a statement of strength, innovation, and commitment to elevate your off-road adventure capabilities and experience. This bumper provides robust protection to your PRO R / Turbo R and uplifts the overall look and feel of your vehicle. This bumper is crafted to seamlessly integrate with your machine, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance and aesthetics.

Our experts aim to ensure that your vehicle is not just protected but stands out on the trails.

4.  PRO R / Turbo R Inner Tie Rods

For thrill seekers, the recently launched Pro R / Turbo R Inner Tie Rods are crafted with attention to detail ensuring that these tie rods play a key role in enhancing the steering dynamics of your off-road vehicle. CA Tech's Inner Tie Rods are built with durability and constructed to withstand the rigors of challenging trails and unpredictable landscapes.

5.  PRO R / Turbo R Radius Rods

The PRO R / Turbo R Radius Rods by CA Tech are not just components; they are architects of superior control. Crafted with precision engineering, these rods provide optimal balance, ensuring that your PRO R or Turbo R maneuvers with agility and stability across rocky terrain. They also help to redefine how your off-road machine handles diverse terrains. Experience a new level of control and responsiveness that sets the stage for off-road mastery.

6.  PRO R / Turbo R Pull Plate

CA Tech has also introduced the PRO R / Turbo R Pull Plate, designed to redefine your off-road experience, ensuring smoother rides, enhanced performance, and a suspension system that goes beyond expectations for your PRO R or Turbo R. The PRO R / Turbo R Pull Plate is a necessity that can absorb shocks, provide enhanced comfort during your off-road rides, and ensure your off-road adventures are defined by performance and comfort.

7.  X3 GEN 2 Front Winch Bulkhead

The X3 GEN 2 Front Winch Bulkhead by CA Tech isn't an accessory but is designed to endure the challenges of off-road terrains. The innovative design is a testament to CA Tech's commitment to pushing the boundaries of off-road aesthetics and functionality. Our engineers ensure that your off-road machine is equipped for the toughest challenges.

8.  Maverick R Control Arms

Maverick R Control Arms by CA Tech offers superior strength and longevity. The Maverick R Control Arms are equipped with high-grade UHMW machined bushings, providing smooth operation and long-lasting service. These bushings are not just components; they are a testament to CA Tech's dedication to delivering a ride that is not only durable but also comfortable.


CA Tech's 2023 product lineup is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of off-roading. Each of our new products are meticulously designed and engineered, and reflects our dedication to elevating your off-road adventures.

From the robust PRO R / Turbo R Trailing Arms to the innovative Packout Racks and the statement-making PRO R / Turbo R Bumper, our products redefine performance and aesthetics. The Inner Tie Rods and Radius Rods enhance steering dynamics and control. The X3 GEN 2 Front Winch Bulkhead and Maverick R Control Arms exemplify durability and comfort. With CA Tech, every off-road journey becomes a thrilling experience marked by unparalleled performance and style.

Gear up for unrivaled off-road excellence with CA Tech's 2023 product lineup – where innovation meets adventure. Improve your ride, with confidence, and redefine your off-road experience. Choose CA Tech, because your journey deserves the best companion in performance, durability, and style.

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