The Ultimate Black Friday Shopping List from CA Tech

It’s that time of year again.  Time to spoil yourself.  Wait, we mean the ones you love most….like your side-by-side.  Sure, you have to buy the gifts for everyone else on your list, too.  But thanks to the deals from CA Tech, you can do both, and still have a little money left over for fuel to get you to the trails once the holidays are in the past.  Here’s our top picks for the best improvements you can make this winter before it’s time to ride again.

Can-Am Maverick R Upgrades

If you’re looking for deals on brand new releases from CA Tech, and you’re lucky enough to own a Can-Am Maverick, you’re in luck.  We’ve heard all of you asking for some upgrades, and we finally are able to show off the goods - just in time for Black Friday sales.  Everybody wins.

One of the most important upgrades you can make to your Maverick R is our lower control arm Bend-Guard weld on gussets.  With trail time and abuse, the rear leg of your lower control arms will start to wear - cracking and eventually breaking.  These gussets will dramatically extend the life of your factory arms.  Install is easy, and with Black Friday pricing, this upgrade is a no-brainer.

If you are ready for the serious upgrade, then you need the CA Tech Maverick R High Clearance Lower Control Arms. More durable than OEM factory arms, these beauties come with our Lifetime Warranty. Plus, you get more ground clearance with our control arms versus factory control arms so go ahead and tackle the trails with even more confidence!

Suspension Kits

If you’ve got a Talon R, and you’re ready for a major performance upgrade before you hit the trails next season, why not go wild?  Upgrade your Talon with a full suspension package during Black Friday sales with CA Tech, and maximize the savings.

Our suspension package for the Honda Talon R has everything you need to dominate the trails when it’s time to head back out - with upper and lower control arms, high clearance radius rods, rear sway bar links, tie rods, and even our upgraded pull plate and shift plate.  All the upgrades you want are just one click away.  Get them customized in the color you want, and you can have a “new year, new you” moment on the way - with a side-by-side that looks as good as it rides on even the toughest trails.

If you’re a Can-Am X3 fan, and you’re looking for suspension options, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for mild or wild on your Christmas list.  With kits ranging from level one to level five, we have the CA Tech suspension kits your X3 craves.  At level one, we’ll get you set up with a front limit strap system, a double shear gusset kit, high clearance radius rods, and a new pull plate.  If you’re ready for maximum performance, we can handle that, too.  The Can-Am X3 Level 5 suspension kit comes with that double shear gusset kit, pull plate, high clearance radius rods that we offer in the lower levels but it includes tie rods, rear sway bar links, upper and lower control arms, upper and lower ball joints, and trailing arms.  At CA Tech, we’ve got the upgrades your rig demands, no matter the performance level you need, or the budget you’re working with. 

Apparel and Accessories

Once you’ve dealt with the biggest winners on your Christmas list (you and your rig, obviously), it’s time to do a little shopping for the rest of your family and friends.  Why not grab everyone on your list a little something to help them celebrate the season from the apparel and accessories store at CA Tech.  A CA Tech Logo Hoodie for your buddy who’s going to come help you work in the cold anyway to get ready for the sunshine to come back around? A CA Tech Cooler t-shirt for the friends who never miss a day on the trails with you? Maybe a shirt that reminds your wife that you and your friends in the garage are the reason she drinks?  It’s what every woman wants for Christmas, we swear. 

CA Tech USA Gift Cards

If you are unsure of what to get your side-by-side guy or girl from CA Tech then get them something that will always fit…a CA Tech USA e-Gift Card! They get what they want and you have no more worries if they had already purchased the parts you were eyeing. Gifting the CA Tech USA e-Gift Card is super easy! Once you purchase the e-Gift Card you will receive a text or email (your choice) with a link to the code for the e-Gift Card. All you need to do is forward that link to the lucky person you are buying for! To redeem the e-Gift Card, all you do is enter the code on the e-Gift card at checkout. Super easy!



Keeping your rig running it’s best and looking great and when you’re out on the trails, shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for advice, need help with an install, or just don’t know what parts you might want to check out next, CA Tech has the experts on hand with the info you need. Give us a call at 423-790-0230 or shoot us an email at - we got you!

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