Top 5 Must-Have CA Tech Upgrades for Extreme Can-Am X3 Riders

If you’re the wild one in your group of riding buddies, we hear you.  You’re our kind of people.  When you hit the trails, it’s a wide-open good time, all the time.  With all that throttle-fed abuse, though, you’re going to find the limits of a stock Can-Am X3 pretty quickly.  Before you break something (or if you already have), it’s time to make a few upgrades that will keep you on the trail, enjoying your rides without fear of breaking something.  Here’s our top five picks for the most extreme X3 riders out there.

Level 5 Suspension Kit - If You’re Ready to Get Wild

If you’re looking for more suspension, we’ve got options all the way up to our Level 5 Suspension Kit, which includes the double shear gusset kit,  Gen 2 pull plate, high clearance radius rod set, tie rods, rear sway bar links, upper and lower control arms, 300M upper and lower ball joints, and upgraded trailing arms.  Bigger wheels and tires, more weight, harder trails - whether you’re hitting the race course and need to meet the demands of the competition, or you’re just looking to challenge yourself  - these upgrades will allow you to tackle anything that comes your way.  And, like almost everything else we make - we can customize the color scheme, too.  You’ll get major upgrades in both form and function.  All that’s left to do is install and hit the trail.

Or Level 1 through 4 - If You’re Keeping it Mild

If you’re not quite ready to crack into the level 5 kit, don’t worry - we’ve got kits starting at Level 1, and plenty of individual components that will help you get your rig in order. No matter what you’re working with when it comes to budget, or willingness to abuse your rig in pursuit of a good time, CA Tech Suspension Components can help you get on the trail and help you perform better than ever.

CA Tech Front Double Shear Bulkhead

One of the big issues that’s plagued Can Am X3 riders for years now is differential mounting plates have a tendency to crack and then break away from the frame.  The CA Tech Double Shear Front Bulkhead was born from this problem.  To solve the problem, we’ve worked hard to develop a tab and slot front end that encapsulates the frame and ties the front and back together, preventing stress and fatigue on your factory frame. 

While no one plans to wreck, it does happen, and when you’re racing, it gets even more likely.  The harder you run, the harder a potential impact.  That’s why we’ve engineered our Double Shear Front Bulkhead to include a crumple zone to help absorb impact and protect both you and your ride in the event of a wreck.

CA Tech Rear Double Shear Bulkhead

With the Front Double Shear Bulkhead in place, the next step to keep your rig safe from extreme abuse is our Rear Double Shear Bulkhead.  With both installed, you’ll have maximum rigidity, and minimum frame deflection to keep your side-by-side together.  As an added bonus, the rear bulkhead helps your departure angle. 

Keep in mind that bulkhead installation does require some fabrication to pull it all together.  It might not be a bolt on component, but make friends with a fabricator (or we can help you find one), and you’ll be stoked with the results.

Upgraded Axles so you Don’t Get the Shaft

One of the first things you can do major damage to when you’re flying down the trails and eating up whoops in the desert is your axles.  Thankfully, the RCV Pro Series II axle is a great place to start when it comes to upgrades for your Can-Am X3.  With over twice the strength of the OEM axles, it’s a no-brainer to make the upgrade. .

They’re designed to take a beating, whether it’s on a muddy trail, or in the midst of long course endurance racing. Of course we’d recommend making the change preventatively, but if you’re here because you already broke an axle, might we suggest you make an upgrade before you go out and break the same parts…again?

Pull Plates to the Rescue

High risk means high reward…and sometimes, it just means highly stuck.  One of the easiest and most appreciated upgrades you can make to X3 if you’re the kind of rider who likes to push their rig (or their driving skills) right to the ragged edge is our Can-Am X3 GEN 2 Pull Plate.  Whether you need an easier tow when you’ve managed to really do a number on your rig, or you just need someone to jerk you back on the trail when you go a little too hard into a sloppy corner - we’ve got you covered.

Keeping your Can-Am X3 running it’s best and looking great and when you’re out on the trails, shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for advice, need help with an install, or just don’t know what parts you might want to check out next, CA Tech has the experts on hand with the info you need. Give us a call at 423-790-0230 or shoot us an email at - we got your back.

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