Safety Innovation For UTVs

UTVs are todays go-to magic flying carpet and urban escape pod all rolled into one.  Keeping that UTV safely rolling down whatever terrain you decide to traverse is as important as the adventure itself.  There are many aftermarket parts and accessories to make your machine louder or taller, but very few to make it safer.  The Suspension Limit Strap System is just one of those must have safety additions for you and your families next UTV Trek

ATVs were the fun-mobile of the last century, but the new style Side-By-Side UTVs have really gained in popularity. Not too terribly long ago, the UTVs were merely a barn utility tool used by farmers and ranchers. Today, they have transformed into one of the most exhilarating ways to rip through the trail without having to stand in line for the roller coaster at an overheated concrete amusement park. The term UTV stands for Utility Task Vehicle (or OHV - Off Highway Vehicle) and they are designed for rugged adventure.  Can-am, manufactures one of  the most popular lines of these vehicles, and aftermarket technology is adding incredible safety and rigidity to the mix.  Most owners elect to add products that reinforce the suspension such as the Can-am Maverick X3 Suspension Limit Straps system.

There are many reasons why UTVs took over the market faster than expected. They are more comfortable than an ATV or any other OHV, cheaper to own and maintain than expensive sport utilities (SUV), and more capable on rugged adventurous rides. This one-two punch combination will mean UTVs are the light-weight off-road kings of the future. There is another reason why UTVs are considered a better option than ATVs. They are one of the few off-road-oriented vehicles that allow people to ride aggressively yet safely with their whole family.  Much of that security can be attributed to the rigid frame surrounding the occupants. But what protects the vehicle itself? One of the most cost effective and easily installed solutions is a Suspension Limiting System with a Billet Shock Tower Brace, Frame Gusset Plate and Suspension Limiting Straps

Suspension Is Important for Every Vehicle

The suspension is what connects the driver to Terra firma.  It is a combination of tires, shock absorbers, linkages, rods, braces and springs that form a connection to the wheels and support the relative motion among them. It is the major component system that smooths out the ride on rough roads and keeps the vehicle upright on tight turns. At speed, the suspension can over extend, pushing the axle components beyond their breaking point and leave you stranded.  The solution, install a Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System to maximize contact between the tires and road surface to promote steering stability and better handling.  It also limits the impact of road condition on the vehicle and the passengers inside. 

Combined with the Shock Tower Brace and Frame Gusset Plate, the suspension strap strengthens up the front end and limits front end deflection while protecting the radiator and fan while providing a mounting point for the Limit Straps. After adding this system to your Can-am X3 you will: 

  • Control Spring and Suspension Movement of the vehicle
  • Provide Consistency in Handling and Braking System
  • Helps to prevent premature tire wear
  • Helps to keep the tires in contact with the road under all circumstances 
  • Maintains the dynamic vehicle alignment
  • Have control over vehicle bounce, roll, drive, away, acceleration squat
  • Reducing wearing and tearing of other components of the UTV
  • Tire and Brake wear is also balanced evenly

Want to insure you have the best suspension limiting system?  There are many options on the market, but CA Technologies USA ( manufactures the highest quality UTV parts and delivers nothing less than complete customer satisfaction. The CATechUSA Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System with Shock Tower Brace & Frame Gusset Plate is an ultimate safety solution for the X3. 

Installation is a Breeze!

CA Technologies USA created this video to show you how simple it is to install the front limit straps on a Can-Am X3.

Choose the Best-Quality Products For Your UTV

Because Can-Am produces a quality UTV, it stands to reason that Can-am X3 customers go out of their way to make sure that their UTV has quality, reliable aftermarket components. X3 owners use their vehicles for many different activities including hunting, farming, racing, rock crawling, winter riding, trail riding, and mud bogging. And all these activities have inherent risks to the rider, passenger and to the machine. The Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System with Shock Tower Brace and Frame Gusset Plate ensures that your ride is much safer and easier on the suspension components, wherever your day takes you. 

Details about Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System Designed By CA Tech USA

What CA Tech USA provides is unmatched in the industry. You can’t just rely on every company when it comes to the safety of your fun. That’s why CA Technologies USA makes sure that they keep rider safety in every product they develop, manufacture and sell.

Do you want to save your money on expensive axle replacement and to save the shock absorbers from bottoming out? Are you fed up of the situations when you can’t enjoy a day on the UTV because the axle popped out?  Don’t ruin your day with costly repairs. Get ahead of the curve with the authentic CA Tech USA parts (@catechusa)  installed on your vehicle. With the Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System, the axle and suspension component will be protected and it will prevent the overextension of the suspension system. Using an easy to install kit, they will make sure that the shocks, axle, steering component, and other parts are protected and don’t have excessive wear from overextension. 

CATechUSA’s unique design for the Can-Am Suspension Limit Strap System incorporates a billet aluminum shock tower brace, a shock tower gusset plate as well as the limit straps for the front of the vehicle.   The shock tower brace, manufactured from solid 6061 Billet Aluminum, provides relocation for the shocks without modification as well as a mount for the front straps.  The Rear Limit Straps incorporate the use of the OEM shock bolt locations and come with a shock cord system integrated into the design.  No more need to zip tie the straps to the vehicles springs! To provide an even higher quality and a longer lasting finish, CA Tech USA also incorporates a unique hard coat anodize process where the billet parts are treated with the ceramic infused mixture. 

The straps  are produced using high strength webbing material similar to seatbelts in all OEM manufacturing. To raise the bar of protection, they add a double layer of sewn material on the straps. You will be amazed to know that the straps are over designed to handle the load strength of 12,000 pounds. So, you can rely on this Limit Strap System to protect your Can-Am X3 in just about any condition. 

Choose the Best In Class

As a sign of authenticity, CA Technologies USA’s parts have an etched logo on their designs for good looks and quality recognition. Many Can-am X3 as well as Polaris RZR and Honda Talon parts in a variety of colors are available for genuine CA Technologies USA Designed and Produced in Cleveland Tennessee USA Parts and Accessories.  What really sets CATechUSA apart from the competition is the Lifetime (No Questions Asked) Warranty for all their products.  You bend it or break it, they’ll replace it. No questions asked.

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